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Donate online to ONE-OIS

Welcome to the 2022-2023 school year!


OIS needs to raise $1,000,008 to maintain the high standards our students deserve. The OIS budget is developed in collaboration with OIS Principal Stacy Wayne and OIS teachers and approved by the OIS Parents’ Club. The budget reflects what OIS needs to supplement state funding so that electives such as foreign languages, computer programming, art, drama, debate, woodshop, band, and chorus can be offered. Donations also support popular OIS programs including lunch time clubs, sports, library, and Bulldog Theater. 


We are asking for a $2,000 per student donation in 2022-2023. The $200 increase per student was approved by the OIS Parents’ Club Board and will offset lost Kennel revenue due to free lunch for all, support teacher salaries, replace aging laptops, and provide all the electives and extracurricular activities that make OIS unique.  


Want to make an even bigger difference? Consider adding a Bulldog Boost! of $200 to your donation. Or, even better, join our Principal’s List or become a Bulldog Benefactor. Every dollar counts.


You can double your donation, or more, with a matching gift from participating corporations and foundations. For an easy way to Double Your Donation, check this link to see if your employer is on the list of matching organizations. Please designate Orinda Network for Education (ONE) as the recipient of your match, with a comment indicating OIS as your school.


Please use the form below to donate online today. Select either "Give Today" to pay the full amount at once or "Give in Installments" to make your donation in monthly payments. Please be sure to indicate the frequency of your gift and how many payments you wish to make.* If you plan to make a non-electronic payment, select "Check/DAF" as your payment method.


​If you have any questions about ONE-OIS fundraising, please contact Lara Chua and Jennifer Curran, VPs of Fundraising, at

*Administrators may need to edit your installment payment amount to ensure completion within the current academic year.

The OIS Parents’ Club and the Orinda Network for Education (ONE) appreciate your support of OIS. Thank you!

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