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ONE strengthens, streamlines, and amplifies the collective fundraising efforts of all six of our Parents’ Clubs, as well as Orinda's residential, alumni, and business communities. ONE donations help to fund smaller class sizes, technology, STEAM programs, Wellness Centers and counselors, middle school electives, expanded high school course offerings, including Honors and Advanced Placement classes, increased College & Career Center services, and more!



California ranks near the bottom in the nation in per-student funding for education and Orinda schools receive among the lowest levels of per-student funding in California. The makeup of California’s funding formula has created a funding shortfall; what we receive from the state is significantly less than the actual cost of educating students in Orinda.


Despite this funding shortfall, Orinda’s four elementary schools, Orinda Intermediate School, and Miramonte High School are among the highest-performing schools in our region and the state due to the signature educational programs and services that are funded through generous donations that supplement public funding for our schools.

While Orinda’s parcel tax revenue is used toward attracting and maintaining quality TK-8 teachers and bond measures are reserved for the repair and upgrade of our aging school buildings to keep them modern and safe, ONE raises the funds required to advance the academic experience beyond what is possible with public dollars alone. Donations to ONE impact every Orinda student from transitional kindergarten through high school with smaller class sizes, technology, STEAM programs, Wellness Centers and Counselors, middle school electives, expanded high school course offerings, including Honors and Advanced Placement classes, increased College & Career services, and more!


With continued budget cuts from the state, maximizing fundraising and making efficient use of every dollar will be essential for preventing deep and devastating cuts to our programs and staff, enhancing the daily educational experience for every Orinda public school student. We risk these benefits and other school cuts if we are unable to meet our fundraising goals. The programming supported by local fundraising is the difference between our schools being good and our schools being great.


ONE NEEDS TO YOUR HELP BRIDGING THE FUNDING GAP. The Orinda community of school families, residents, alumni, empty-nesters, and businesses have maintained a long-standing tradition of filling in the gap left by the state. ONE must raise $5 million dollars this year to preserve and enhance Orinda’s signature educational programs. Our schools help establish Orinda as one of the most desirable places to live, work, and learn. Families move here for the schools and stay long after their children have graduated to enjoy our town. Great schools translate to outstanding communities.

"It takes an entire community to educate our students, and Orinda exemplifies that model. Our schools and our students benefit from the tremendous generosity of our highly engaged community to ensure that we offer education at the highest level. OUSD is grateful for the incredible partnership with ONE and the Orinda community.”


-- Aida Glimme, Superintendent

Orinda Union School District

Photo of OIS students using computers to work on yearbook

ONE Dollars At Work

ONE funds signature programs and services that directly benefit and impact the quality of education for every student from TK through 12th grade. Funded through the generosity of the Orinda community, the programming and opportunities for our students make Orinda schools a hallmark of our town.


ONE, in partnership with the Parents’ Clubs of the six Orinda public schools, will work to raise $5 million dollars for the 2023 - 2024 school year. These funds will be granted to Orinda Union School District (OUSD) and Acalanes Union High School District (AUHSD) to support academic classes and support services for every student at every school.

one dollars at work

“Art opens up brain channels in students. I witness it every day. It can be very empowering. Art offers a place for self expression which is very personal but universal at the same time. It offers a gateway to understanding so many other subjects.”  


– Hillery Patterson, former OUSD Art Teacher

Elementary Schools

Del Rey, Glorietta, Sleepy Hollow, and Wagner Ranch

Personnel and Academic Classes - ONE is proud to provide the necessary funding for critical instruction and student support personnel through its funding of:

  • TK/K-3 class size reduction

  • Art instruction

  • Choral and Instrumental music instruction

  • Physical Education instruction

  • School Counselor

  • Instructional Aides

  • STEAM Labs 

  • School Gardens

  • Librarians

  • STEAM, Literacy, and Tech Coaches (TOSAs)

Academic Support - ONE Donations ensure that our elementary schools have both the resources and materials necessary to provide effective and engaging instruction and rich learning experiences both inside and outside the classroom through its funding of:

  • Teacher professional development

  • Technology including devices, support, and subscriptions

  • Classroom supplies and materials

  • Library book and classroom library books

  • Academic school events such as STEAM Expo (Maker Faire), Science Fair, and Math Night

  • School supplies and materials

  • Recess enrichment supplies 

  • Wellness Centers and counselors 

“The experiences offered through our STEAM Lab allows our students to stretch their thinking as well as provide them with an opportunity to collaborate with others on a task that may or may not prove successful, which gives students a chance to practice perseverance, patience, and flexibility. Students often choose to enter the STEAM Lab during recess, working on a variety of intriguing projects. Opening the STEAM Lab has changed the landscape at Sleepy Hollow as we find ourselves looking forward to going to the lab, enjoying the experience once we are in the lab, and referencing our learning after we have left the lab. It serves as an integral part of our campus for everyone from TK all the way to fifth grade. The 4 C's: Critical Thinking, Communication, Collaboration, and Creativity are put into practice in the STEAM Lab every day.”


-- Patsy Templeton, Sleepy Hollow Principal

Orinda Intermediate School

Personnel and Academic Classes - As middle school students grow into independent learners, they benefit from opportunities to explore new areas of interest. ONE funds a range of elective courses and the necessary staff to inspire and guide students through these critical years of schooling. ONE funding supports the following positions and courses:

  • Computers and technology 

  • Guidance counselors

  • Librarian

  • Electives, including foreign language, music, art, drama, public speaking, and more

  • Math and STEAM coaches

Academic Support - ONE supports middle students by providing the enrichment opportunities, resources, and materials needed to deliver engaging, relevant instruction and cultivate students’ interests and skills. ONE funds the following:

  • Staff Professional Development

  • Technology upgrades, materials, and online software programs

  • Core classroom materials and enrichment opportunities

  • Math materials

  • Science materials

  • Library books and materials

  • Materials for all elective courses, including Art, Band, Ceramics, Chorus, Computer, Drama, French, KOIS (video production) Leadership, Maker Space & Woodwork, Public Speaking & Debate, Robotics, Spanish and Yearbook

  • P.E. equipment and supplies

  • Lunchtime clubs and sports such as Page-Turners Reading Club, Pickleball, Basketball, Knitting & Embroidery, Green Team, Creative Arts Club, WEB (Where Everybody Belongs) and Mouse Squad (Computer Club)

Our electives help keep students engaged and connected, but they also inspire innovators and problem solvers, cultivate ethical and respectful citizens, create resourceful collaborators and critical thinkers, and nurture the emotional and social well-being of Orinda's youth.


– Stacy Wayne, OIS Principal

Miramonte High School

ONE relies on the generous contributions from Miramonte families and the community to bridge the gap between state and local funding and what it costs to run one of the best high schools in the state. Community and family donations fund the following: 

Personnel and Academic Classes

  • The largest share of Miramonte’s fundraising budget provides 100% of the funding for 18 class sections. These sections help preserve a 7-period day at Miramonte which allows for greater scheduling flexibility, smaller class sizes, and increased access to Honors and AP Classes. 

  • Donations also provide needed supplies for all classes at Miramonte, such as lab supplies for science classes and ingredients for the very popular Foods classes. Every class at Miramonte receives some additional funding from donations!

Student Support

  • The Wellness Center is a resource that has proven invaluable over the last several years. There is a well-documented crisis in teen mental health. Miramonte Wellness staff is there to counsel students experiencing anxiety and depression, as well as students struggling with peer relationships or academic stress. In addition, they provide education to all students regarding stress management, healthy relationships, and navigating those often-turbulent teen years. 

  • The College & Career Center staff provides not only support to juniors and seniors on college applications, but also provides four-year programming to all students to explore how they’ll use their time at Miramonte to prepare them for their post-secondary plans.

  • Popular student clubs and services such as Public Speaking, Latin Club, The Mirador, among many others, and library subscriptions, field trips, parent education programming, and staff appreciation are also supported by donations. These programs are what make high school a meaningful and engaging experience for so many students!

Parent volunteer reading to students

ONE is proud to work in partnership with our Parents' Clubs and school districts in support of Orinda schools, teachers, and students.

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