Mission Statement

ONE (formed from the Parents' Clubs of all six Orinda public schools) will strengthen, streamline and amplify collective fundraising efforts, sustaining the signature programs and instrumental staff that make Orinda schools exceptional. It will ensure equity and consistency across schools and build a legacy for future students.  ONE will support and enhance the educational TK - 12 experience of every student in the Orinda public schools. 

ONE will: 


  • Raise the funds needed to maintain the level of excellence that Orinda families expect 

  • Provide a forum for all Orinda Parents’ Clubs to unite and share best practices

  • Partner with the broader Orinda community to support education in Orinda

  • Build an endowment supporting Orinda schools for years to come

  • Offer access to better investment opportunities by pooling Parents’ Club reserves 


California ranks in the bottom third of the nation in public school funding. Many communities, like Orinda, depend on local sources such as parcel taxes and parent and community donations to augment state funding. These additional monies pay for important programming and staff including art and music instruction, physical education, electives, librarians and college counseling. ONE is committed to preserving the well-rounded, educational experiences that make Orinda schools exceptional and nationally competitive.


ONE’s annual budget will be set by the Parents' Clubs, working collaboratively with their schools' principals, OUSD (Orinda Union School District), AUHSD (Acalanes Union High School District) and ONE. The budgets they create serve as the basis for the collective fundraising campaign goal, which is over $5 million for the 2020-2021 school year.


ONE is composed of dedicated parents and community members who believe Orinda’s schools are one of the community’s greatest assets.  Each Orinda school is represented on the ONE Board of Directors.  In addition, ONE is building an Advisory Committee and Finance Committee.  If you are interested in joining either committee, please click on the ‘Ways to Give - Volunteer’ tab.  Together with a professional administrative staff,  our volunteers bring a multitude of talents in support of ONE’s fundraising efforts.


ONE is a California non-profit, public benefit corporation. It is a tax-exempt organization under Section 501(c) (3) of the US Internal Revenue Code. Our Federal Tax I.D. number is 94-2623617. All donations are tax deductible to the extent allowable by law.

Elementary school students in science class

Board of Directors


Brian Rogers, President (Glorietta Elementary)
Meighan Baldwin, Vice President (Wagner Ranch Elementary)

Natalie Taquino, Officer (Del Rey Elementary)

Janey McWhorter, Officer (Sleepy Hollow Elementary)

Alicia Keenan, Officer (Orinda Intermediate School)

Kirsten Odmark, Officer (Miramonte)


Clay Deanhardt, Secretary 

Jill Gibson, Officer
Dana Wentworth, Officer 


Jennifer Kennedy



Meredith Friedman, Administrator • administrator@oneorinda.org
Mary Friese, Interim Bookkeeper bookkeeper@oneorinda.org


Community Advisory Council

Superintendent AUHSD: John Nickerson
Superintendent OUSD: Carolyn Seaton
OUSD School Board: Hillary Weiner & Jason Kaune
Miramonte Principal: Julie Parks
OIS Principal: Stacy Wayne
Tim Hoxie, Attorney & Community Member
Joyce Hawkins, Community Member, former Mayor of Orinda & former EFO President

The Advisory Board will be made up of local political, educational and community leaders who can serve as a sounding board and resource for the ONE Executive Director and Governing Board.  The Advisory Board will meet collectively at least once, and perhaps twice, a year, but the primary role of an Advisory Board member will be (i) to provide advice to ONE as needed on an ad hoc basis; (ii) to introduce ONE Board members and the Executive Director to other community leaders who can advance ONE’s mission; and (iii) in some instances, to be liaisons between ONE and other Orinda private institutions, public institutions and civic organizations (e.g., the City Council, OUSD and AUHSD administration, Orinda school administrators, the Chamber of Commerce, the Orinda Association, OCF, Rotary etc.). 

Miramonte singers wearing concert black

Investment Committee

Tami Bohlig
Paul Liu
Kelly Rafferty
Brian Rogers • president@oneorinda.org



ONE Operating Agreement


ONE Bylaws

Board of Directors Meeting Minutes


Archival EFO Information (Coming Soon)


Our Partners

ONE works in close partnership with the following organizations:

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Wagner Ranch Parents' Club


Frequently Asked Questions

Why do we need to fundraise when our taxes support Orinda’s public schools?

California ranks 44th in the nation in per student funding for education and Orinda schools receive among the lowest levels of funding in California. Orinda’s elementary schools, Orinda Intermediate School and Miramonte High School are among the highest performing schools in our region and the State because of the high level of parent involvement in our schools and the additional teachers, specialists and class offerings funded through generous donations that supplement public funding for our schools. With millions in anticipated budget cuts in the coming years, maximizing fundraising and making efficient use of every dollar will be essential for preserving the outstanding education for our children that we have come to expect.

Specifically, what programs does fundraising support in Orinda schools?

Current fundraising supports class size reduction, music and art instruction, school librarians, instructional technology, books and instructional materials, counseling and student support services, diverse elective course offerings at OIS and Miramonte, and a seven-period academic day at Miramonte that provides access to honors and AP classes that help students qualify for the best colleges and universities. Local fundraising has always provided essential support for our excellent Orinda schools. During an economic downturn and reduced public funding for local schools, fundraising is even more essential for preventing deep and devastating cuts. The programming supported by local fundraising is the difference between our schools being good and our schools being great.

Why consider a new approach to fundraising for Orinda schools?

Previously, Orinda schools were supported by seven separate fundraising entities: Del Rey Parents’ Club, Glorietta Parents’ Club, Miramonte Parents’ Club, OIS Parents’ Club, Sleepy Hollow Parents’ Club, Wagner Ranch Parents’ Club and the Educational Foundation for Orinda (EFO). By making fundraising more consolidated, streamlined and consistent, ONE believes it can raise more money for our schools, such as sourcing significant donations from large charitable organizations and corporate donors. Pooling of funds allows for greater return on investments and makes more efficient use of volunteer time and funds raised.

How does ONE operate and how is it governed?

ONE is governed by an Board of Directors composed with members from each Parents’ Club and community members. Each year, ONE collaborates with the Parents’ Clubs, Orinda Union School District and Acalanes Union High School District to determine a fundraising goal and a ONE Ask amount for each school. In addition to parent donations, ONE seeks funding from charitable organizations, corporate donors, alumni of Orinda schools and other high net worth individuals in order to bring more resources to Orinda schools.

What was the genesis of the ONE concept?

For the past four years, a Fundraising Task Force and Steering Committee composed of Parents’ Club, Educational Foundation of Orinda (EFO), and school district leadership researched and evaluated options for improving Orinda’s approach to raising funds for local schools. These volunteers studied other high performing school districts in our area and the most successful school foundations in California including Moraga, Lafayette, Piedmont, Hillsborough, Tiburon, Palo Alto, Burlingame, Manhattan Beach and others. They found that virtually all successful school foundations utilize a single overarching school foundation acting as the primary fundraising entity rather than an approach led by parent groups at each school. School districts that moved from school-by-school fundraising to a streamlined model consistently reported impressive growth in annual funds raised, expanded sources of revenue beyond parent donations, growing endowments for a self-sustaining funding source, increased efficiency resulting from elimination of redundant systems and procedures and decreased reliance on parent volunteer support for fundraising. Based on this research and the resulting recommendations, EFO and each of the Parents’ Clubs negotiated and approved an agreement establishing the goals, process and timeline for transitioning to a new fundraising model under ONE.

Will my donation still go to support my school?

YES. Parent donations from each school will benefit that school and will be controlled by the Parents’ Club for that school.

What will happen to Parents’ Club supported programs at my school like after school childcare, enrichment classes and school lunch programs?

These programs will continue uninterrupted and remain under the control of each Parents’ Club.

Was ONE created in reaction to the COVID-19 crisis?

No. ONE was voted on and approved by all six Parents’ Clubs and the Educational Foundation of Orinda (EFO) in early March 2020, just weeks prior to the Covid-19 pandemic and CA’s Shelter in Place mandate. ONE has been years in the making and with the looming economic crisis ahead, it has brought the community of Orinda even closer together to fight for the educational benefits of all Orinda students. We all recognize too that COVID-19 may have a significant impact on our fundraising efforts and why more than ever, we need full participation by all of our families.