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Donate ONLINE to ONE-glorietta

Thank you for supporting Glorietta Elementary School through your donation to ONE-Glorietta!


Glorietta’s ONE Ask for the 23/24 school year is $2,200 per student. This amount helps bridge the gap between state funding and the actual cost to educate each student at Glorietta. Please know that every donation helps. We aim for 100% participation and appreciate your contribution at whatever level feels right for your family.


Please use the form below to donate online today. Select either "Give Today" to pay the full amount at once or "Give in Installments" to make your donation in monthly or quarterly payments. Please be sure to indicate the frequency of your gift and how many payments you wish to make.* To promise your donation now and follow up with a non-electronic payment later, select "Check/DAF/Pledge" as your payment method.

*Administrators may need to edit your installment payment amount to ensure completion within the current academic year.

Orinda Network for Education (ONE) appreciates your support of Orinda's students.

GL Form
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