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ALUMNI giving

If you are the parent or guardian of a currently enrolled student in an Orinda public school and are interested in making your annual contribution, please visit our Family Giving page here.  If you would like to make a donation on behalf of your business, visit our Business Giving page here.

online gifts

Strong Schools, Strong Community

We are grateful that we have been able to count on the broader Orinda community of school parents, residents, empty-nesters, and local businesses to help us maintain a long-standing tradition of filling in the funding gap left by the state. ONE is now pleased to offer Miramonte High School Alumni the opportunity to give back in honor of the exceptional education they received while they were an Orinda student. 

To connect with other Miramonte Alumni, visit the MatsNation online platform here

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Donate by check

Donating by check is a fast and convenient way to make your donation in support of Orinda's schools, alleviating the fees associated with credit card purchases. 

For prompt and accurate processing of your donation, please download and fill out this paper form to accompany your check. It will ask you to provide your name, address, phone, and email,

as well as how you would like your name to appear in public recognition lists. 

Please mail your check to:

Orinda Network for Education 

21 ‘C’ Orinda Way, #123

Orinda, CA 94563


Employer Matching Donations

Through employer matching programs, you can significantly increase your donation to ONE. Even retired employees can often participate. Generally, gifts are matched up to 12 months after donation has been made, although the timing varies from company to company.


Visit our Double the Donation search tool to see if your employer will match your donation. Please have matching donations directed to "Orinda Network for Education."


Also check with the Human Resources department at your company to obtain information about your company’s matching gift program. The impact of your gift to ONE may be doubled or possibly tripled! If you need any assistance in filling out matching gift forms, please Meredith Friedman at

donate by mail
matching gifts
donor advised funds

Donor Advised Funds

ONE is a registered 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, Tax ID #94-2623617 and can accept contributions from your Donor Advised Fund. When submitting your donation, please include your name as you wish it to appear in recognition materials. 

Donor Advised Funds may be sent to: 

Orinda Network for Education  

21 ‘C’ Orinda Way, #123

Orinda, CA 94563

donate stock

Donate Stock

Gifts of appreciated securities can have significant tax benefits for the donor. Check with your accountant to see what benefits it may have for you. To begin your stock donation to ONE, please fill out the Stock Donation Form. This form will notify ONE of all pertinent information regarding your donation, as well as provide you with a PDF form to present to your broker to facilitate the transaction. Stock donations should be directed to "Orinda Network for Education."

Legacy Society and Planned Giving

The ONE Legacy Society is an association of individuals who have included ONE in their estate plans.


Planned Gifts include bequests made through wills, retirement plans, and revocable trusts, as well as lifetime gifts that provide income payments to donors and their beneficiaries. Life income gifts such as charitable gift annuities and charitable remainder trusts typically involve present-day transfers of gift assets, immediate tax advantages, and continuing income streams to the donor with future distributions to ONE for its specific charitable purposes.


Charitable lead trusts can also offer significant tax advantages to the donor and reliable streams of charitable income to ONE.


If you haven’t already named "Orinda Network for Education" (ONE) in your estate planning documents and/or retirement instruments, please contact your estate planning attorney and/or financial advisor for advice and assistance with amending your estate planning documents and/or beneficiary forms.

To learn more about Planned Giving or become a member of the ONE Legacy Society, please contact Emily Allen at

planned giving
donate a vhicle

donate a vehicle

ONE has teamed up with Car Donations Services, Inc. (CDS) to provide you with the easiest way possible to donate your car, truck, boat, RV, or motorcycle for a tax deduction - running or not! CDS uses multiple methods to sell the vehicles, so your vehicle will sell for more, which means more money for ONE, and a larger tax deduction for you.


Car Donations Services has been helping local charities since 1990 and will take care of every aspect of your car donation, allowing you peace of mind that the transaction will be completed efficiently and properly. CDS is a licensed Commercial Fundraiser as recognized by the California State Attorney General's Registry of Charitable Trusts.

To begin the process of donating your vehicle, visit ONE's CDS webpage here, or call 1-888-686-4483.



Orinda Network for Education is always in need of dedicated volunteers to assist in a variety of tasks. If you would like to get involved, contact us at

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