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ONE Orinda

The goal of ONE Orinda is to bring more resources to support Orinda schools by consolidating and streamlining fundraising under a centralized foundation. 


Based on proven fundraising models utilized in other high-performing school districts, ONE Orinda aims to reduce the number of fundraising requests of parents, reduce reliance on parent volunteer hours to sustain fundraising and open new donor opportunities that are unavailable under the current decentralized model. 


Led by representatives from each parents’ club and EFO, ONE Orinda will seek to leverage efficiencies and opportunities by consolidating fundraising efforts while providing sufficient flexibility to meet the individual needs and culture at each of Orinda’s schools. Each parents’ club account will reside under the umbrella ONE Orinda account to provide the backing it needs to attract community and corporate donations while maintaining local autonomy of the parents’ clubs. Parent donations from each school will go into an account for that school and will be controlled by the parents’ club for that school.