A volunteer steering committee is meeting weekly to further develop the ONE Orinda concept and implement the terms of the agreement approved by each Parent Club and EFO in June 2019. The Steering Committee's recommendations can be found here. The Steering Committee's recommendations, proposed bylaws and operating agreement  will be presented to EFO and Parents’ Clubs for approval in January 2020. The new ONE Orinda Board of Directors will be seated in February to launch ONE Orinda.  

Steering Committee Members

Brian Rogers – CEO, Rogers Family Foundation and Current OUSD Parent

Charles Heath – Partner, TBWB Strategies, OUSD Bond Measures E & I Consultant and Current OUSD Parent

Kim Laughton – President, Schwab Charitable and Former OUSD & Miramonte Parent

Julie Atkinson – Fundraising Taskforce Member and Current OUSD Parent

Meighan Baldwin – Fundraising Taskforce Member and Current OUSD Parent

Nicole Radlow – Miramonte Parents’ Club Board Member

Clay Deanhardt – Principal, Deanhardt Law and Miramonte Parents’ Club Vice President

Todd Morrill – Faculty Director, NSF-I Corps and EFO Vice President

Tricia Young – Miramonte Parents’ Club President

Steering Committee Advisors

Ellen Zapalac – EFO Co-President

Laura Andrews – EFO Co-President

Jason Kaune – OUSD Board Member

Hillary Weiner – OUSD Board Member

Julie Parks – Miramonte Principal

Chris Severson – AUHSD Board Member

Carolyn Seaton – OUSD Superintendent

John Nickerson – AUHSD Superintendent

A steering committee is meeting weekly to further develop the ONE Orinda concept and implement the terms of the agreement approved by each Parent Club and EFO in June 2019. The steering committee is aiming to complete its work by December 2019 and has established four subcommittees focused on key areas of work: (1) governance and bylaws; (2) banking, finance, and data management; (3) branding and marketing; and (4) administration. You will find more detailed information about the work of each subcommittee below.

Banking, Finance and Data Management Subcommittee

Steering Committee Leads: Brian Rogers and Todd Morrill

Research and recommend a financial and data tracking/management system that will allow each school site to conduct “ONE ASK” from families for the 2020-2021 school year and beyond. The system will offer a consistent user experience across all school sites while also tracking and properly assigning donations to each school site but held under the ONE Orinda umbrella. The subcommittee’s recommendations will be shared with the ONE Orinda Board of Directors for follow up and implementation.

Governance and Bylaws Subcommittee

Steering Committee Leads: Clay Deanhardt, Katie Shogan, Jason Kaune and Tim Hoxie

Recommend bylaws for the new ONE Orinda organization and proposed changes to parents’ club bylaws needed to enable the governance structure identified in the Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) approved by the parents’ clubs in June 2019. The draft by laws will be presented to EFO and the parents’ clubs for review, feedback and approval in order to create ONE Orinda and seat a Board of Directors.

Branding and Marketing Subcommittee

Steering Committee Leads: Charles Heath and Kim Laughton

Develop and implement a branding and marketing strategy to communicate the ONE Orinda concept and process updates to the Orinda community so that the entity is prepared to be functional for the 2020-2021 school year.

Administrative Costs Subcommittee

Steering Committee Leads: Julie Atkinson and Meighan Baldwin

The administrative costs subcommittee will research administrative cost models in comparable school districts, focusing in particular on the role and compensation of the executive director as well as other paid staff positions.  The subcommittee will develop a recommendation regarding the administrative cost structure that the new ONE Orinda board can consider and implement. The subcommittee will also develop a recommendation as to how the administrative costs will be shared among the six Orinda schools, and recommend to what extent funds that do not flow to ONE Orinda via the schools should be used to offset administrative costs.