Miramonte needs at least $961,780 in parent support, through ONE - Miramonte, to maintain the high standards our students deserve in 2020-2021.

$961,780 is what it will cost in 2020-2021 to bring our students the electives, great teachers, rich educational experiences, music, drama, fine art, technology, lab supplies, College & Career Center staff and services, our wellness program, and everything else that we have all come to expect.

To reach that goal, and to meet our obligation to our students, ONE – Miramonte needs to raise at least $1,300 per student this year.


Want to make a bigger difference? Want to help support our Miramonte families who may not be able to give this year? Consider adding a MATS BOOST! of $200 to your donation. Or, even better, join our Principal’s List or become a MATS Benefactor!  

Use the form on this page to donate via credit card in one payment or in installments, or to make a pledge you intend to fulfill later via check.