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Miramonte needs at least $979,205 in parent support - through ONE-Miramonte - to maintain the high standards our students deserve in 2021-2022. To reach that goal and to meet our obligation to our students, we need to raise at least $1,300 per student this year.


Consider a Mats Boost! Want to make a bigger difference this year? Consider adding a Mats Boost! of $200 to your donation. Or, even better, join our Principal’s List or become a Mats Benefactor!  


Use this form to make your donation in installments throughout the year. Enter the total amount you wish to donate, select monthly or quarterly payments, and select the number of payments over which you wish to complete your donation. All installment payments must be complete by May 31, 2022.  *Administrators may need to edit your installment payment amount to ensure completion within the current academic year. 


If you have any questions about ONE-Miramonte fundraising, please contact our VP of Fundraising at

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